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DIRECTV channels help Lubbock, Texas, folks learn something new

After a long week at the office, there is nothing more relaxing than lounging in your favorite recliner and watching your favorite rerun of Friends or the new episode of Fringe. With DIRECTV channels, you can watch anything you want, and probably discover some new shows along the way. Lubbock, Texas, residents will be treated to local channels, including ABC, FOX, NBC, CBS and PBS so they’ll never miss the latest headlines, weather forecasts or popular sitcoms. But DIRECTV offers more than just local channels – there are plenty of other programs available for Lubbock residents.

The Biography Channel,™ The History Channel® and the Documentary Channel™ are just a few of the educational programs that let you step back into time. Learn about all the men and women who made an impact on Texas and the world before you were even born. Watch re-enactments of famous battles when your child needs help with a history project. Check out documentaries that celebrate African American culture and dig deeper into the lives of notable figures.

Brush up on your biology and geography skills with Animal Planet,™ Discovery Channel™ and Planet Green.™ Discover a new species in another country or learn more about your furry friend’s odd behavior. Learn how to transform your Lubbock home into an environmentally friendly retreat , research energy efficient cars or learn about the benefits of composting and recycling. Learn how Arctic caterpillars survive in freezing temperatures and why scientists are researching mysterious booms in the U.S.

DIRECTV channels also cater to Texas households divided by their entertainment needs. For women who enjoy romantic comedies, over-the-top bridezillas and classic episodes of The Golden Girls and Ghost Whisperer, they can tune into We,℠ Oxygen or Lifetime.™ If you’re a guy who prefers murder mysteries, extreme sports and sci-fi movies, try Fuel TV,® FX® and Crime & Investigation Network.™ Kids can enjoy Tom & Jerry on the Cartoon Network™ or explore the world of magic on Disney Channel’s℠ Wizards of Waverly Place.

Bring the movies to your Lubbock, Texas, home with DIRECTV

DIRECTV channels even include today’s hottest blockbuster hits so you can stop wasting money at the Lubbock movie theaters. Gather the family around your big-screen TV, grab some popcorn and Skittles and curl up on your couch. Let DIRECTV bring you the entertainment – stop seeking it out yourself at overpriced movie theaters, where you’ll easily drop $50 for a family of four. The toughest decision you’ll have to make will be choosing between these awesome premium channels:

HBO® – Get your hands on the series that everyone is talking about at work. Next time Treme, True Blood or Game of Thrones comes at an office party, you can contribute to the conversation. Maybe you’ll even impress the boss. Watch safe and commercial-free kids’ movies with HBO® Family or find sophisticated fare HBO® Signature. HBO offers 11 channels, including nine in HD. Use HBO GO® on your cellphone, computer or iPad® if you can’t watch from home. This way, you can still be in-the-know at the office.

Starz® Super Pack – Everyone in your family watches Spartacus: Vengeance and BOSS. You figured that maybe you should be in the loop too. Order Starz® Super Pack and get access to more than 1,000 movies a month and those series that keep your mom talking to her sister for hours. Search through 15 Starz® and Encore® channels, including eight in high-definition.

SHOWTIME® – Watch the movies you loved growing up, like The Godfather, Raiders of the Lost Ark and GoodFellas with FLIX.® Look at the independent films before they get Hollywood acclaim on the Sundance Channel.® For the most action-packed and exciting movies at all hours of the day, you’ll want SHOWTIME EXTREME.® SHOWTIME® offers 13 channels, plus 10 in HD, so you are never bored.

Cinemax® – Every Saturday night, you can see a new movie from the convenience of your Lubbock home. If you are studying for a big test at a local coffee shop, take a break and watch the latest Steven Spielberg hit on your laptop, iPad® or mobile telephone with MAX GO.® DIRECTV brings you eight channels – all in HD – in this premium package.

For more information about all the DIRECTV channels, talk to a representative immediately.

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